Cookie Policy

Cookies used on our website

As explained in the data protection notice, our website uses cookies and other tracking technologies. Different types of cookies can be used on this website. This notice is intended to provide a better understanding of the types of cookies used on our website and to provide you with extensive information so that you can decide which cookies you want to allow on your devices.

Mandatory cookies

These cookies are essential for visiting the website and using the various options, such as accessing your personal account. Without them, the requested services cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect any personal information.

Analysis cookies

Analysis cookies help improve our website. These cookies collect information about how the website is used by users, e.g. B. which pages are visited most often. However, they do not collect any information with which the visitor can be identified.

Personalization cookies

These cookies enable the website to remember our session data (e.g. user name, language or geographic area of ​​the user) and offer optimized and customized options. They can also be used to remember changes to the website or parts of the website that can be personalized.

Advertising and Marketing Cookies

These cookies collect information about your surfing behavior in order to show you relevant advertising tailored to your interests. They are also used to find out how often an ad is viewed in order to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns. They remember that you have visited a website and share this information with other organizations such as advertisers.